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Character and environment are sweet. 

Controls are a bit wonky: for my keyboard arrow keys cant mix two keys to get diagonal and numpad only the diagonals work. 

The transparency effect when behind stuff is nice, but I see it breaking in some places where some part of my body is "behind something" when its not supposed to be (an example is standing next to wall with graffiti, head is behind building) 

Love the smooth music change and track names.

The monologues have some bugs, where sometimes if you keep on walking they go away or another dialog makes the first one go away way too fast. Maybe consider a queue or freezing the game until user makes it go away?  

Overall positive vibes, part of me wants to be lazy and be able to click with the mouse instead of driving though, just cause its all so chill.

Hey there, thanks for playing!

Regarding controls: they're intentionally set up this way to explore a purely isometric control scheme. I did not allow cardinal movement as it did not feel good to play/look at without dedicated animations (and I confess I had no time or energy for those).

I'm sadly aware of the broken transparency effect in places - did not have time to thoroughly test the last minute changes that resulted in those, sorry! Due to the nature of this project, I won't update it and it will stand "as is" as a testament of what was made (mistakes included) in the short development span alloted.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, it was a last-minute spur of the moment change!

The monologues are unfortunately not "bugged", and are rather designed to skip/go away if you walk away from their initiation space. The intention was for players to stand and read, instead of keep walking - obviously, that failed for some, but the display system itself it built around that very principle, so queues/freezes would unfortunately not alleviate the issue. Something to keep in mind if I explore a similar concept in the future, though I'd probably simply approach "text display" in a whole different way altogether.

I wholly understand the desire to interact with the mouse, and it's one of the things I wish I had time/knowledge to implement when making it. Sadly, this game was built in a "rediscovering/coming back into gamedev" mindset after a long period of... not so, and I did not know how to implement such a control scheme. Thankfully, I have since explored that very idea, so in the future, I should be able to offer something to that effect!