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The web version available above is a free preview of the game, containing only the first few minutes.


  • the game takes about 30mn to play through.
  • the game has been designed to be playable only once. While players with the technical know-how might be able to circumvent this limitation, we ask you to refrain and please experience the game as intended.
  • some of the topics are sensitive and can prove harmful to some audiences. Be sure to exercice proper self-care and not play the game if you're too vulnerable.


  • A game by Camille and Valérian
  • Music by Ketsa and Jan-Michael Hökenschnieder from Free Music Archive
  • Sound effects from SoundJay, Taira Komori's "Let's Play with Free Sound Effects" and the 2016 GDC Audio Bundle
  • Special thanks: Poulet, Sassie, Heline, David, Diane, Mark, Cecile and FX
  • Made using Construct 3
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsCamille, Errant Works
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withConstruct
Tagsconstruct, construct3, Indie, LGBT, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Text based
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Living The Dream_v1.0_win64.zip 156 MB


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Thank you for having the heart to make and share this game!

Thank you so very much for playing!!

hello i played this a few days ago and i cant get it out of my head, the visuals the narrative the twist it was just... wow. sometimes you just get these really rare gems that pop up and its just... wow. this story really hit home and im very glad you decided to share this. thank you :]]

Wow, thank you so much!! I'm touched that it spoke to you, and I thank you very much for saying so. 

I've downloaded it, but there's no " Living the dream.exe " in the zipfile, only "WindowsIconUpdater.exe" and that doesn't launch the game . Maybe i did something wrong?

(3 edits)

There should be a "win64" folder within the archive that has the game exe, I think? The WindowsIconUpdater is one level above, next to the folder you're looking for! I'll clarify the instructions, sorry for the trouble!

It was touching, and really hit close to home.
Thank you for this!

Thank you very much for playing, and for your comment!!

This was a moving, troubling, useful, precious thing to play. Thanks a lot for making it.

I'm glad you found it worthwhile, thanks a million!