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Another great mood ! Awesome experiments.

Was there some art reuse here? The main character art reminds me of something from before... Anyway great characters and environment again. 

The music track is good, but I felt that it was a little bit off with respect to the mood of the situation? Should there be something a bit more dramatic and maybe change to more uplifting as the final part happens?

The adventure type game was well done, if a little confusing interface wise.

Some things that would be nice in that regard:

  •  I instinctually wanted to be able to drag drop items
  • would be nice if hotspots would not be available until necessary (which happens in some portions)
  •  would also be nice if hotspots did not repeat long already read dialog
  • the echo was confusing at first, until I understood what was happening... maybe missing an intro to the characters ability or the dialog is missing her portrait ? I mean I figured it out and its a non issue afterwards. 
  • small things like if the line says: "I should give this to Maude", I should be allowed to give it to her, otherwise it should say, "I need to find x before giving this to Maude" 

Some of these are common issues with many adventure games though, so take it with a grain of salt. 

A small note, I largely prefer adventure games where a puzzle is solved with out being able to just click on everything though, but I guess the story told here is nice and the difficulty is low, which maybe is the point?

I'll stop whining now.

I enjoyed this little game slice, the art is a lovely treat, thank you!

Thanks for playing and for writing your thoughts!

I'm not sure what you're referring to in regards to art reuse?

We're iterating on the point and click system developed here for Mood03, so I'll keep some of your remarks in mind. The intention here was simply to get something as simple as possible working while keeping to the intended dev timeframe - things like drag and drop would be an added layer of complexity when I wasn't even sure how to go about building a mouse control system in the first place :-)

So cute and amazing! Love the art style and the story. Really inspirational. Keep up the great work!

Will do, many thanks :-D

Lovely little game, very sweet and charming, and beautifully drawn! Great work!

Thanks a lot! Very glad you enjoyed it :-D