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I remember this from a long time ago.  I'm sorry I haven't played it in a while.

Oh no, what are you apologizing for? Thanks a ton for remembering it in the first place :-D Thankfully it has no expiration date, so it's still playable, the complete version is here: or on steam! Hope you'll have fun if you get back into it - and no worries if you don't :-D 

This game originally drew me in with its great artwork and interesting story. I have to say that, as someone who generally isn't a fan of visual novels, I find this to be an amazing game that drew me in quite a bit. I honestly didn't want to stop playing when I was making a video for it!

Man, I didn't even see there was a comment here! You know I like the vid and your take on it a lot already, but thanks for the comment, too :-D